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It takes expertise to successfully navigate one of the world’s most exciting and competitive real estate markets. Backed by more than a century of institutional knowledge, our top-performing agents are here to listen to your needs, understand your vision and personally guide you through every step of your sales journey. With our reach, resources and reputation as NYC’s #1 brokerage by sales volume, Douglas Elliman works tirelessly to be your trusted partner in one of the most important financial decisions you will make.


Step 1: Partner with a Professional

The Elliman Advantage
As the #1 residential brokerage by sales volume in Manhattan, Douglas Elliman dominates the market. And with a network of 7,000 agents in 120 offices across the country, each Elliman agent has unrivaled scale, marketing resources and media reach to connect your property with buyers from around the world.

The Agent Advantage
Your home is among your most precious personal assets. Deciding to sell it is the first step in a journey that is best undertaken with the guidance of a trusted real estate advisor. A licensed agent has the knowledge, experience and professional network to package, promote and put your property in front of highly qualified buyers.

What to Ask Your Agent

Signing a Listing Agreement with an Agent

Signing a Listing Agreement with an Agent

It is common practice to sign an exclusive right-to-sell listing agreement that ensures only one agent or team has access to your listing. Consider them the gatekeeper to your home. Their job is to represent you in the sale while working with the brokerage community to find you the right buyer. Standard contracts run for a minimum of six months and typically highlight what access your agent will have and how much their services will cost. If your home hasn’t sold by the end of the exclusivity agreement, work with your agent to determine a new sales and marketing strategy, which may include adjusting the price.

Key Terms of Your Partnership

Closing Costs

Taxes and fees that sellers must pay upon signing a mortgage and taking possession of a property. See pp. 31-35 for a complete breakdown of costs.


In exchange for the brokerage’s services, sellers pay a percentage of the property’s sales price at the closing table.


An exclusive right-to-sell listing agreement specifies that the selected agent now has the sole right to list, market and sell your property for the duration of the agreement, even if you find a buyer yourself.


The marketing plan typically highlights what marketing strategies (staging, advertising, etc.) will be implemented.


If your home hasn’t sold by the end of the exclusive right-to-sell listing agreement, work with your agent to determine a new sales and marketing strategy, which may include a potential price drop.


Step 2: Price Your Property

The Elliman Advantage
With our quarterly Market Reports, monthly Contracts Signed reports and other sources of data, Elliman agents have access to proprietary insights about market dynamics and qualified buyers that enable them to optimally price and position your property.

The Numbers Game

A well-priced home is the difference between a savvy sale and a costly setback. It is the fastest route to inspiring competitive offers, the best terms and the highest price. Your real estate agent will conduct a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)—an evaluation of comparable properties—to determine a
realistic price for your home.


Step 3: Prepare Your Property

The Elliman Advantage
Our agents can tap a network of photographers, videographers, virtual tour, staging and other vendors to assess your space and ensure your
property is ready for the spotlight.

Stage Right
In the world of real estate, looks sell. Embark on a mission to pack up, pare down and create an alluring, well-organized space that enables buyers to envision themselves in every room. A nominal investment in cosmetic improvements and mechanical repairs often results in an increased selling price and reduced time on market.

Our Advice

Scale Back & Organize

Eliminate clutter from every room. Designate bags for donation, trash and storage, and pack up personal items.

Upgrade Lighting

A well-lit room expands and brightens up a space. New outlet covers and light switches are the ultimate finishing touch.

Deep Clean

Tidy your home from top to bottom and corner to corner. Prying eyes will always find the crumbs and the cobwebs.

Update Appliances

Make the kitchen look modern and new.

Wash Windows

Clean glass , dust blinds and remove screens to maximize light and views.

Refinish Wood Floors

Carpets and rugs should be professionally cleaned.

Paint Walls & Cabinets

Light-toned grays or beiges are neutral, soft and inviting.

Organize Closets

If your closets appear to be bursting at the seams, potential buyers might assume they are too small.


Step 4: Putting Your Property on the Market

The Elliman Advantage
With our commanding online presence, including 800,000 monthly
visitors to and listing syndication across the top real estate
websites, Douglas Elliman agents can tap a powerful distribution engine to amplify their own networks and ensure your listing gets the exposure it deserves. Their experience, market knowledge and access to actionable data empowers them to help you make informed decisions throughout the bidding and negotiation process.

Launching Your Listing

When it’s time for your property to go on the market, it’s important that you prepare yourself for a range of possible pathways to get to a signed contract. Whether your listing instantly receives multiple competitive bids or takes time to get traction after multiple showings, a trusted agent can be a powerful ally and source of guidance at critical moments of the sales process.


Step 5: From Contract to Close

Once you accept an offer, the next step is to sign a contract. Your agent and attorney will serve as your points of contact throughout the selling journey and will work on your behalf to ensure
that your best interests are represented.

6 Essential Steps for a Smooth Real Estate Transaction

What to Expect:
When purchasing a townhome or some co-ops and condos, an inspection is sometimes ordered by a buyer to identify any repairs that would require a major investment of time or money.

Key Player:
Home inspector.

What to Expect:
If there is an inspection contingency in your buyer’s offer, the buyer may try to negotiate repairs prior to signing the contract.

Key Players:
Seller’s attorney and agent, buyer’s attorney & agent.

What to Expect:
Once the price, terms and closing date have been agreed upon, both you and your buyer will sign a purchase agreement. Your buyer will typically
present a deposit of 10% of the sales price, which will be held in your attorney’s escrow account until the
closing date.

Key Players:
Seller’s attorney, buyer’s attorney.

What to Expect:
An appraisal is ordered by a buyer’s lender to determine the amount the lender will provide for the purchase.

Key Players:
Buyer’s lender, home appraiser.

What to Expect:
If you are selling a co-op or a condo, introduce your real estate agent to the management company (or the managing agent acting on its behalf), as well as a point person on the Board of Directors so your agent can streamline board approvals on your behalf. When purchasing a co-op, a board package will need to be prepared and submitted. Your agent will liaise between the buyer, the seller and the building’s managing agent at every step in the approval process.

Key Players:
Seller’s attorney and agent, buyer’s attorney & agent, co-op board (if applicable) and management company.

What to Expect:
On closing day, be prepared to officially transfer your property to your buyer, pay all closing costs and receive any sales proceeds. At closing, you will turn over the keys to the buyer’s new home and move onto yours. Congratulations!.

Key Players:
Seller’s attorney and agent, buyer’s attorney & agent, buyer’s mortgage lender


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